One day long ago
Dere was a wittle Bing
He was soooo soft
And so foughtful
He worked hard everyday
And was so smart and creative
He worked hard by himself
Den one day, dere was a wittle Fing
(Except da wittle Fing was older dan da wittle Bing)
And da Bing fought dat Fing was cute when she was allllll puffy wif a crunchy face
And she was so funny and bwave
So den Bing and Fing started hangin out
And became good friends
Den Bing left to go a on a BIG trip
And he was so sad cuz he fought he would never see Fing again
But luckily Fing was finkin of him too
And den dey started textin
And den dey saw each ofer again
Den dey started datin
So dat was cool
But Bing was a wittle nervous
And fought maybe Fing was finkin of ofer people
But Fing was too busy FaceTiming Bing and socially distancing to even have time to fink of ofers 
(even if she had time she wouldn't want to)
Den dey kept datin and lobin and wubbin each ofer
And dey were SOOOOOO happy. 

The End
(der is no end, dey lib forever and eber togefer forever)
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